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Day 1
Ok so I was just looking at some pictures of me from New Years and I looked very skinny. I didn't think I did... but thats how this goes. I had gone from 210 to 135 in about 3 months. Now im all the way back to 160 :(  So i have to get back into my diet. I don't know how i did it then... maybe because i wasn't around weed all the time... i don't actually smoke however being around it all the time makes you eat more. Also, the fact that the people i was around ate a bunch of junk all the time didn;t help either. I need to regain my control. I will start today. I can do this. I would love some support from my fellow Ana followers though... I know I can't do this on my own. 
- Hope to hear from you soon :) 

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wow - you went from 210 to 135 in three months? is that even possible? how on earth, girl!

<333 elle!

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