Ok so I have been in Portland for the past 3 days with my friend who doesn't accept "I'm not hungry"... so no progress was made. Tomorrow... well technically tonight... I havn't eaten since noon... thats a start. I feel like a cow today. To the point I was crying earlier. I feel like such a failure. How did i let myself get so out of control? SOO... how do i get back in control? Replace my eating habit with another. Tomorrow i am going to go to the store and get a floating board with a rope attatched and start swimming the lakes near my house. ok... so not tomorrow because im going to Bellingham tomorrow with my boyfriend too look at places to live. However he doesn't usually notice when i don't eat so i should be able to do my fast tomorrow. So tomorrow i eat... nothing :) It will be hard but i look forward to the challenge. So today my weight is 164. TIme to keep track and be embaressed becaues that helps with the want to lose more weight. My other goals: only drinking tuesday nights with the guys, NO MORE FAST FOOD... eating out less, more water, when hungry eat till not starving anymore and do something active every other day. Wish me luck :)

Fasting Day
So I was 164.7 last night and today I am 163.3. I forgot how much I love watching the numbers go down. Tomorrow will it be 161? Well I won't be able to weigh myself tomorrow or for the next couple days so it will be a surprise :) I hope to do something active today. I know at least one of the people in Bellingham enjoys hiking! However gotta remember that strenuous activities are dangerous when you are running on empty. Well I will hopefully post later today. Good luck lovelies :) Stay strong

Change of Plans
Ok so instead of going to Bellingham like I should have, my boyfriend and I went to the Renaissance Fair in Buckley, WA. It was pretty fun. I stayed away from the fair food! I'm so proud of myself. He did manage to make me take 2 bites of his turkey leg... but I didn't fold under pressure. I didn't get ANY food!! I'm very proud. I know I can do it this time. I know with support from others who are going through the same thing... I can do it. As for now... I'm sitting in my house alone. Usually a bad thing. But instead of eating I'm going to go brush my teeth... put some make-up on and do some more work on the computer :)


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